Robbie rogers dating

“Though I dreamed of both those things happening, I’m not sure I truly believed they were possible”. x RR @gberlanti A photo posted by Robbie Rogers (@robbierogers) on ❤️ Happy Valentines everyone.Remind everyone you love, be it friends, family or your partner, how much you love them as often as you can and in as many ways as possible.In February 2013, Rogers came out as gay, becoming the second male soccer player in Britain to do so after Justin Fashanu in 1990.After one season playing college soccer at the University of Maryland, Rogers attracted the interest of Dutch Eredivisie side Heerenveen.It’s been my experience the more love and gratitude you give out, the more you get back.

Rogers' good looks and quick feet made him a fan favorite, but the culture of sports left him feeling isolated and ashamed as he secretly struggled with being gay.

"From the moment I told my sisters and my mom and my dad, they told me, 'We love you so much.

This doesn't change anything for us, and you were created this way.'" But Rogers was still terrified to be an "out" athlete.

Sources tell us Robbie and Greg began dating sometime around May …

roughly 3 months after Robbie went public with his sexuality for the first time.