Jason thompson and kim mccullough dating

It was fun.” “Jason Thompson, you will be missed, dear friend,” tweeted Carolyn Hennesy (Diane). ” “Gonna miss Jason Thompson around the ranch,” said Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) on Twitter. Hope we get to work together again in some other cool project! #crying” Thompson had trouble finding the words, but took to Twitter to say, “Not sure there’s a term for what I would like to say.

” William de Vry (Julian) urged fans to tune in to the episode to say farewell, and added, “Best wishes for the future, my friend.” “What a classy and beautiful send off for two important and loved characters,” wrote Michelle Stafford (Nina).

You could almost (that it basically single-handedly saved the show for us during the dark, dark early 2000's era. Not even freaking BLOG WARS dimmed their cuteness (okay, it did dim it by a lot, but they successfully rebounded from it)!

Kimberly Mc Cullough and Jason Thompson had such fabulous, natural chemistry that for YEARS, the most common search that led Googlers to Serial Drama was "Are Kimberly Mc Cullough and Jason Thompson dating in real life? LUCKY AND ELIZABETH (THE EARLY YEARS) The writer tried their hardest to ruin this pairing with the absolutely wretched writing Jacob Young's Lucky received, the completely un-Lucky characterization Greg Vaughan was given, and the tragedy and tear filled turn their relationship took during Jonathan Jackson's last stint in Port Charles.

She has been making appearances on the show since then, and she returned for a longer time in 2015.

When it comes to portraying Billy Abbott, there’s been no other actor that’s done it better than Billy Miller, who embodied the part for six years (2008 to 2014).

GENERAL HOSPITAL fans have been sharing the love on social media for the departing Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Kimberly Mc Cullough (Robin), but so have their castmates!

” He also shared on Instagram a wonderful photo of Hughes and Mc Cullough on set in what he captioned as “The last shot.” Kind of says it all…

; as a singer, she has done back-up in commercials and on Martika's 1980's hit, "Toy Soldiers."Mc Cullough attended New York University as part of her quest to become a film director, and later, she was accepted into a prestigious filmmaker's program.