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star has an unrivalled ability to handle gobby Twitter trolls. It's this humorous humility that's actually transformed the crooner into one of the funniest celebs on Twitter. As well as 365-days of micro-blogging chuckles, once a year, on International Women's Day, Herring spends the whole day reassuring each and every troubled male that there's also an International Men's Day.

She may be a Hollywood star, but on Twitter she feels like one of your mates.2.

And what a confusing, fantastic collision of hideous plastic figurines and high-end Cannes elegance it was.

In a presentation held in the festival’s second-biggest theater, Dream Works Animation head Jeffery Katzenberg dryly introduced the film, pausing every few sentences so a woman hiding in the shadows could translate his speech into French.

Even other TV stars are totally hyped for the fantasy series, live-tweeting episodes, showing off their gear, and meeting cast members at award shows.

I mean, I am infinitely grateful - I'm so lucky - but it's been a really crazy year.

Who is anna kendrick dating right now