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That criminal case saw him getting two years' probation. Resigned: Earl Theriot (pictured in 2010) resigned as police chief of Sorrento in 2014 after admitting to lying to the FBI about having a sexual encounter with a drunk woman.

Now she's filed a lawsuit saying he assaulted her In court: A judge ruled that the Theriot (pictured Monday) had violated the woman's civil rights in their 2013 encounter by engaging in sex acts with her when she was too drunk to properly give consent Theriot's lawyers deny that he restrained the woman.

The only problem with criticising it for being over the top and unrealistic to portray a right wing judge handing out tough sentences on juveniles for trivial offences in return for monetary gain in deals with a private prison, is that it's obviously based on the kids for cash case.

In a court filing, they claim the woman has 'inexplicably' changed her story after originally telling the FBI that she initiated the 'sexual contact.' Troubled: Theriot (pictured with his wife) was Sorrento's police chief for 12 years, during which his department was barraged with complaints against his officers.

Locals voted to disband the department last year Theriot, the town's police chief for 12 years, 'knew or should have known' of the woman's inability to consent and failed to meet his obligation to 'protect and serve,' Dick said after hearing testimony without a jury.

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