Dating culture

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Ratcliffe described the dating culture in Rexburg as "complicated." "When we date, we disengage the mind and we make purely emotional decisions," Ratcliffe said, "which often times leads us rush through the getting to know process and we are not as thoughtful or thorough in the dating process as we ought to be." A big reason Ratcliffe called the dating culture "complicated" is because many single people are "hanging out" rather than going on a "date." "I've found that it's helpful when men ask a girl on a date, they call it a date," Ratcliffe said.

Another aspect of the struggling culture of dating is a fear of asking someone on a date. "We want to spread the message that to go on a date means that, it's just going on a date," Ratcliffe said.

I got a lot of heavy opinions about preferences on just hooking up or dating, whether it is worth it to involve yourself in a relationship in college, and how it might be different for athletes, those involved in Greek life and those who have a little more free time to date.“I feel like I see a lot more of my friends dating and working on relationships rather than hooking up with people,” Smith said.

“That may be specific to Butler since it is a small, intimate campus, but I definitely see more relationships.”“The in between phase of like, not being with someone and then actually dating them is ‘talking,’” she said.

Others go out to the bars on the weekends, and many said they just hang out in their rooms and spend time watching Netflix.“We go eat a lot because we both like Broad Ripple and Indy and food obviously, but more often than not, we just hang out in one of our rooms and study or watch TV together,” Nokes said. We just enjoy each other’s company.”In my opinion, a boyfriend or girlfriend can be your number one companion, someone who can keep you company, someone to help push you and encourage you and someone to express your feelings to (which I definitely need to do every once in awhile).

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You definitely want your significant other to be your good friend, but not your only friend.

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