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At least two Santa Fe High School male students told police they knew that a female classmate did not consent to let others secretly watch on a cellphone video call while she had consensual sex with three boys, according to court affidavits made public Wednesday.Documents filed in state District Court say a detective collected web browser histories, text messages, images, video files, call logs and other internet-use data from the cellphones of the two boys, who were members of the Santa Fe High basketball team at the time of the incident.The police reports show that officers spoke with parents of six male students, at least five of whom were members of the basketball team, according to team rosters.The reports do not provide any details about officers’ conversations with the parents.Luckily, now more than ever, couples can live far away from each other and still have a fulfilling sex life – it just involves getting creative, thinking outside of the box, and, most importantly, utilising the magic of the internet.

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