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Buying a Philadelphia Pass just down the road from the famous Liberty Bell will give you access to more than 30 city attractions.Art lovers should not miss the Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.It allows users to be notified when new articles are published in the app.You can also send questions to PCADV staff, and record your thoughts, impressions, reactions, successes, and failures within the app.The French ran across them in the area around Buffalo, apparently visiting the Wenro, and suggesting their numbers were far greater.The Province of Maryland fought a declared war for nearly a decade, signing a peace in 1632, against the Susquehannock Confederation who were allied to New Sweden and furnishing fire arms to the Susquehannocks in exchange for furs.

It includes articles written by professionals in the field of domestic violence and prevention and includes tips on how to approach conversations with your teen on certain topics.

To select highly qualified applicants through a non-discriminatory admissions process. To provide an educational experience to produce competent physician assistants trained to provide quality health care to diverse populations in primary and…

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence has launched a new mobile app designed to give parents of teens and preteens advice on how to best discuss topics around communication and relationships.

The friction ratchet went into production in 1913 and was offered in various "Allen Friction Ratchet" socket sets with pressed-steel sockets and auxiliary drive tools, with Billings & Spencer providing the manufacturing for the ratchet itself.

Interestingly, Billings also produced versions of the friction ratchet marked with its B-Triangle logo and offered them in early Billings pressed-steel socket sets, with the ratchets still referred to as "Allen" ratchets. The overall length is 8.2 inches, and the finish is plain steel with a black oxide coating.