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Fernand Henley saw the world as a pilot during the Second World War and went on to fly extensively in Canada’s North as a commercial pilot.His travels are behind him now that he’s confined to a veteran’s hospital near Montreal, two provinces away from his adoring daughter.Theoret said she was curious to know more, so she opened up the app and discovered it was an online video chatting platform that anyone can join.“I said to my husband, ‘You know, anyone could just log on to this and do whatever they want’ and, like, not three minutes later did somebody log on and start being inappropriate,” she said. I am forever grateful and thankful for all your support over the years .

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Eleven people work there alongside Somers, who opened Wega in 1997. All the walls were painted in black, we only had a few dildos,” he comments.

They buy DVDs to watch at home because of specific actors, trusted studios or directors, a bit like coffee table books,” manager Jean-François Paquette explains.

Most clients are men ranging from 35 to 90 years old; some have been coming since the shop opened.

Difficile de trouver par où le minou est entré, mais on peut le voir courir et tenter de s’enfuir devant une foule de partisans affolés.

Les photographes se sont amusés à prendre des photos de monsieur ronron en pleine action.